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Association of Independent Secondary Raw Materials Processors (ANSDS)

The Association of Independent Secondary Raw Materials Processors or ANSDS was established in 2013 as an association of entities active in waste management. Our members are companies and other enterprises that purchase, collect, transport, sort, process and sell waste materials.


The association was establish in order to ensure efficient disposal of secondary raw materials and in order to lobby for an amendment to change specific unjustified restrictions and discriminatory provisions in the existing Waste Act.


The primary mission of the association is to implement the interests of its members, in particular with respect to the harmonization of waste management in Slovakia with EU law and to improve on the system of purchasing, collecting, processing and recycling secondary raw materials. We want the association's activities to contribute within the prevention, collection, processing and recycling phases of the waste cycle in order to increase the volume of recycled waste and to prevent illegal wild dumps and dumping.


The ANSDS wants to protect the business interests of its members and strives to ensure full compliance with the association's articles and ethical code by all members while delivering a broad range of knowledge, experience, services and qualified information to the general public.